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Donal Ruane archive

About Donal Ruane

Donal RuaneDonal was born in Dublin, Ireland. He graduated from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 1984 with a BA(hons.) in Fine Art. He is an artist, film-maker, publisher, writer and teacher, and has had a life-long interest in shamanism, the occult and folklore. He moved to London in 1985. Donal has worked as an art therapist at the Maudsley Psychiatric Hospital in South London, a youth worker, painter and decorator and as a pop video director for Chrysalis and Island Records. He was a video artist and technician on cult sci-fi horror film Hardware (1990), directed by Richard Stanley, and created the video cut-up sequences and other visuals effects for the film.

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Dreamflesh Journal Interview


The following interview with Donal Ruane was conducted in May 2006 by Gyrus, and was first published in Dreamflesh Journal Vol. 1.

Gyrus: What strikes you as unique about the experience of ayahuasca?

Donal: It’s a difficult question to answer, as I get more experienced. The reason being that my experience of ayahuasca varies according to who I drink it with, and the brew. It appears to me that how the brews are made, and the additives that are used, and the set and setting in which it is consumed, very much alter the experience.

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