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About Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels is an ongoing archive of projects, both current and past, that Donal Ruane has initiated or has been involved in over the past 15 years. These include:

Stories on a Stick

A documentary film about mestizo shamanism in the Peruvian Amazon, currently in production. More »

Exploding Cinema

The legendary underground film collective. This includes archives of Kinokaze, an underground film, art and street culture magazine (1992-1998). Coming soon…

You will also soon find here information on Donal’s educational activities, including teaching, lecturing and personal development work. More »

Pablo Amaringo

Through making Stories on a Stick, Donal has come to know this renowned Peruvian visionary artist well. Besides helping Pablo with Usko-Ayar, an education project in Pucallpa, Peru, he is also currently selling original works by Pablo. More »